Skin Lifting and Tightening (Ultraskin)

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Skin Lifting and Tightening (Ultraskin)

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Ultraskin ,Lifting effect with non-surgical applications

 Ultra Skin, using focused ultrasound technology and without surgical intervention  that  effects on tissues.

A single application starts immediately after the regeneration process, After skin application starts to look better every day, it gives the maximum effect after 3 months. Collagen production continues up to 6 months. results obtained for the production of collagen in the skin to induce long lasting and is retained. (1-2 years).

4.5 mm. treatment facility to a depth

Creating a strong connective tissue

observed reduction in wrinkles appear

Increased collagen production

Firmer skin

Lifting & Tightening

Lifting effect starting from SMAS layer

Short treatment time, long efficacy and minimal tissue damage.

after a 30-45 minute session with Ulthera results skin is caused by the strengthening of the connective tissue under

Face Lifting , Brow lift ,Reduction in forehead wrinkles  ,Treatment of fine wrinkles ,Wrinkled around the eyes of the surgery recovery , facial rejuvenation
do you Feel pain  during  the  ultraskin application ?

Our patients who practice the ultraskin is mentioned that mil sensivity  such as light or electricity in the process . If it is not in any pain after the procedure . Therefore, it is a practice that most prefer women.


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