Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal Devices used in our centres 

The combination of the last technology DİODE, ALEXANDRİTE and ND: YAG long- pulsed devices as main and complementary treatment assures maximum effectives. Furthermore, a specific treatment depending on the skin type and hair structure is applied under the supervision of dermatologists, specialists in this field.

In our centres we use FDA approved DIODE, ALEXANDRITE APOGEE 5500, ND: YAG LAZER systems.

Laser hair removal must be carried out in accordance with existing medical facts. Realistic information regardless of commercial interest and so-called warranties and promises about any exact/definitive result of laser hair removal procedures must be provided, patients must not be misled.

When making a choice among Laser Hair Removal Centres what aspects you must be careful about? 

Firstly, you must definitely choose a deeply experienced centre in this field. You must be aware of the fact that, plenty of non-experts in laser hair removal treatment have opened places applying this procedure at the pure aim of commercial gain. In this centres, non-scientific and unethical practices are used, at the aim of generating income at the shortest of time, leaving patients as potential victims. Due to unprofessional laser hair removal, not only unwanted hair does not reduce or get thinner, but unfortunately cases of paradoxical increase in hair growth, post-treatment burnt areas and injuries are increasing. The increase of lawsuits of patients in this field lead the Ministry of Health approve the use of laser hair removal devices as well as the practice of  carried procedures  only in doctor-owned large scale medical organizations, speeding up the procedure of license cancellation concerning the increasing number of laser hair removal practicing centres with a pure commercial aim.

Is laser hair removal procedure painless?

The treatment is described as the feeling of an elastic band being snapped against your skin when the laser thermal energy touches the skin surface. The deep cold air flow, applied in order to protect the skin, helps reducing the feeling of pain. Furthermore, possible damage over the epidermis due to concentrated laser energy is avoided thanks to the cooled skin surface.

The area to be treated must be cleaned-up carefully before the procedure. (Yukarıda da bahsedildiği gibi )Sun protection of the skin before and after the procedure is rather important. This protection must even be extremely important when it comes to areas usually exposed to sunlight- such as the face, neck and arm areas. Once the laser procedure is terminated, cold-water showers as well as exfoliating skin procedures must be avoided as possible factors for skin irritation. Skin care varies according to the laser applied area specifications. Your doctor will explain you the skin care procedures in details.

How does skin look like after the laser treatment? 

Just after the laser hair removal treatment a burning sensation similar to mild sunburn as well as redness may occur lasting no longer than few hours.

Important facts and applications needed for the laser hair removal procedure 

  • Completion of the maturation period of hair must be achieved
  • For body hair removal 4-6 sessions with an average two months period between each session; for thinner hair over the face area  6-12 sessions with a month period between sessions will be required
  • The number of sessions vary from a patient to another according to hair structure
  • Buffed hair follicles with the Alexandrite laser hair removal device are no longer suitable of producing hair in future
  • Laser hair removal must be carried out in accordance with medical facts and ethical practices. Sessions with short intervals with a pure commercial purpose must be avoided. Patients must not be fooled by false so-called warranties or promises of results, impossible to be achieved.
  • It is important that an effective dose of laser strength is applied, instead of a lower dose at the aim of increasing the number of sessions as a commercial approach.

Can laser hair removal cause any health problems? 

There is no harm done by laser hair removal procedure in terms of health, because laser energy is a non-ionizing one. This is the indication that it does not affect cell mutation. All laser hair removal devices used target only the hair follicle.

What are the side effects of laser hair removal? 

Just after the procedure hair follicles appear more delineated, skip erythema occurs. Such side effects appear almost after every laser application. Nevertheless, side effects ( redness) disappear in a 1 to 3 hours time, rarely in 24 hours time.  Laser applied area must definitely be protected from direct sun light for 7 to 15 days. And again, in order for the laser treatment to be allied after sunbathing a period of at least 3 weeks must be expected to pass before the treatment. Otherwise, the tan will be more likely to absorb the laser light, causing discoloration as main risk.

In how many sessions is the laser hair removal procedure done?

Depending on elements such as the hair type, colour, area, skin tone affect the possible number of sessions. While on pale skin-toned individuals with dark and thick hairs session numbers are reduced, on light-skinned/ thin haired/ dark skin toned individuals sessions may increase. On average, 4 to 6 sessions may be sufficient for pigmented thick hair.

According to what are laser hair removal session intervals arranged?

Main factor for laser hair removal is the existence of sufficient hair quantity, because laser sends it’s thermal light to the root through hair corps. During the post-treatment period in 15 days time hair over laser process area shed.  The further coming output of hair is expected for the next laser session to be arranged. This period varies between 6 to 8 weeks. In some individual cases the output period of hair may be delayed until 10 to 12 weeks.

Can laser hair removal procedures applied for every skin tone and hair type? 

Laser hair removal procedures can be applied over different skin and hair types with different removal techniques and application setting methods. Best laser application results are achieved once the complete analyze of hair and skin type is completed. In general, people use to believe that laser hair removal applications do not necessarily require the intervention on professional expertise. However, laser applications is a treatment that requires not only expertise and experience, but must absolutely applied under a medical supervision. In should be known that, as the hair removal laser once sent to the skin may attend in progress touching several factors, only with an appropriate technique and timing successful results shall be easily achieved.

Can laser hair removal procedure cause cancer? 

Up to present days, laser hair removal related cancer cases were not reported.

What are the precautions to take before and after the laser hair removal procedure? 

Before coming to laser hair removal procedure individuals applying depilation, waxing or tweezers must wait at least 15 days after their last hair removal procedure. Hairs can be shaved. Decolourizing products must be discontinued. Before the laser hair removal procedure makeup, deodorant or antiperspirant must be avoided, if applied previously- cleaned up.

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